"Get the Highest Rate on Your CD"

When shopping for the best place to invest a CD, most people believe they have one of two choices:

1.) Go down to the bank where they have always done business, or
2.) Look in the paper to see who has the best rate in town.

In choosing one of these two avenues the CD investor has severely limited the growing power of their money. They have taken a nearsighted view of the economic landscape and it will probably cost them. Why? Because there are thousands of banks in this country, all FDIC insured, and it is very likely that they could earn from 1/2 to a full 1% more on their money if they knew it was available!

We study over 300 banks daily locating the highest rates in the nation on CDs with terms ranging from 30 days to 5 years! Virtually without exception, we can locate an FDIC insured CD for the term desired at an interest rate that is superior to what can be found in one's own community!

We would be glad to assist you, whether you are considering an CD investment at this time, or if you already own a Bank CD and simply need someone to answer your questions. We are also qualified to help you look at the big picture, ensuring that any Bank CD purchase makes sense from a taxation, planning and investment standpoint.

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